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When Holidays Attack! is the third book of the web comic Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams. The comic began to be published online on August 25, 1997.

When Holidays Attack! was published in book form by Plan Nine Publishing in Thomasville, NC, and the first printing was done in November 1999. It is 160 pages long, and covers the span from Return of the Holiday Seasons to The Time Machine.

A synopsis of the book, along with the date each chapter began online:

Chapter 9: Return of the Holiday Seasons

Torg’s Black Heart (10/26/98): Reakk returns to Torg's dimension on Halloween to try and capture him.
A Carnivorous Smurf for Kimmy Sue Hasenpfeffer; A Thanksgiving Story (11/14/98): A tale from Riff and Torg's youth, inspired by seeing a former classmate again.
A Sluggy Mummy Christmas (12/3/98): Riff and Torg are trapped in an Egyptian pyramid. Will they get home in time for Christmas?
Lara Kroft-Macaroni-and-Cheese tm (12/26/98): Torg and Riff are rescued by a certain well-endowed adventurer.
Post Holiday Traumatic Syndrome! (1/2/99): Torg's business is in shambles, and he turns into Torgo of the Jungle again.

Chapter 10: K'Z'K

Black Magic Woman (1/12/99): Gwynn finds the Book of E-Ville and plans to curse Riff, and Bun-bun plays chess.
Omnitaser Supreme tm (1/27/99): Riff comes to Gwynn's rescue, but she is possessed by a demon.
A Game of Chess (2/8/99): Bun-bun moves his pawns into position... and deadels move in.
The Empire State Building (2/27/99): It all goes down in NYC.
Aftermath... (3/5/99): Bun-bun auctions Aylee off on E-Bay.

Chapter 11: Mecha Easter Bunny

Mecha Easter Bunny (3/15/99): Riki-Tiki-Taco! Santa "saves" Easter with a mechanical Easter Bunny with one objective... er, two objec... no, three objectives. The second of which is to kill Bun-bun. The first? Well, it IS an Easter Bunny.
Bun-bun’s Revenge (4/5/99): Riff creates a time machine. Bun-bun hunts for Santa.
Temporal Vacation Week (4/12/99): Riff perfects his time machine. **zap** Riff perfects his time machine. **zap** Riff perfects his time machine. **zap** And Sluggy Signs!

Chapter 12: The Time Machine

College Life (4/26/99): We meet Dex, Zoe's love interest. And Bert... My world is a crotch!!!
The Time Machine (5/3/99): Zoe and Torg are zapped into the future, er, past. Setup for the Stormbreaker Saga.
Muffin the Vampire Baker (5/10/99): Muffin goes after Sam and tries to bake him. A parody of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Sluggy Freelance Books:

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Book 2: Worship the Comic
Book 3: When Holidays Attack!
Book 4: Game Called on Account of Naked Chick
Book 5: Yippy Skippy, The Evil!
Book 6: The Bug, the Witch, and the Robot
Book 7: A Very Big Bang!
Book 8: Fire and Rain

Sources: When Holidays Attack! by Pete Abrams, and http://sluggy.com

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