Lights go up, to spotlight on Outpost Mir, and his beautiful assistant, Yossarian

Outpost Mir : "Hi and welcome to a new episode of "When Running Jokes Go Bad", brought to you by Fox and perlmonks", Yossarian?"

Yossarian : "Thanks Outpost, tonight we'll be looking at runaway memes, a look into the seedy underbelly of e2, a cooking segment, deborah909's god spot and an interview with EDB."

Outpost Mir : "Thanks Yossarian, and may I say you're looking as lovely as ever."

Yossarian preens

Outpost Mir : "And for our first report we turn to Uberfetus who is outside a nightclub onto the Lower East Side of E2"

Cut to Uberfetus standing outside a sign, flashing "Live Nude Lesbians".

Cut back to studio where Yossarian is standing next to jessicapierce, comparing hot asses.

Yossarian : Now, the benefits of soy include crushing enemies, jessica?"

jessicapierce : Thanks yossarian ...

Nodeshell rescue team smashes through window, freeing edb to eat balls and thankfully drawing an end to this nodeshell rescue

Picture fades. Off air

Ultimately, all "running jokes" are destined to go bad. It's a combination of the fact that they are usually stupid and pointless, and the fact that the people who originated them can't help keeping them around well past their useful lifetime. I'm pretty new to Everything culture, but so far, this place looks a lot like other manifestations of humanity - shaped by our unavoidable penchant to giggle at and repeat some arcane comment ad infinitum.

(Thank god the people at work have stopped saying "So, I hear the Eels have a new album out" every time there's a lull in conversation. That one was getting OLD. No, I won't explain it, it was never funny anyway. Yes, I did it too.)

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