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It seems that the life of data stored on magnetic media is a lot shorter than otherwise thought.

It's the only explanation I have as to why my perfectly good source code written within the last few months refuses to even compile. It used to compile. Now CodeWarrior bitches about this undefined function, and that missing header file.

I really don't think it's due to the fact that I just upgraded from CodeWarrior Pro 5 to CodeWarrior Pro 6. I really doubt it has anything to due to fact that I just installed the OpenGL 1.2 SDK on this machine. And I'm positive that it has zilch to do with the fact that I had to use half of the project in question's source code for another project and made a few tweaks here and there.

No. The obvious answer is that the little bits of data on my hard disc are re-arranging themselves in a very inconvenient manner. Norton Utilities keeps telling me that my drives are fine. But I've never trusted that Norton guy. Would you trust anyone who thinks his face must be seen on the box of every disc repair/defragger in the world?

Maybe the reason the US government restricts the sale of super computers is because they can cause localised time space wormholes due to all that processing power in one place. I had better keep a close eye on my G4. 'hunny I shrunk the supercomputer but caused a localised time space wormhole that enveloped most of downtown Austin' WON'T be one of Apple's best marketting slogans.

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