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I've also used this saying to mean that when something happens, it really happens. For instance, when you get one excellent grade, you seem to get a lot more around that time. Or, what happens to me, either no guys like you or a bunch start to around the same time. Another fun one is if you have a bunch of invitations for stuff to do on Friday, but none for Saturday.

I applied for jobs in various places in town about a month or two ago. None of them ever contacted me, and when I went in to check on them after about a week they said there were no openings and would call when there was. I didn't care too much, so I didn't try anymore.

Then there's this place closer to my house, so I applied there about a week ago. I go in to check up and am told she will call me on Tuesday to set up an interview. Then on Sunday I get a call from one of the places I applied at awhile ago, asking me to come interview on Monday. Entirely out of the blue.

I didn't want to end up with neither, but I wanted the closer one more. Luckily I had a friend who's a manager there. I called her, who called the owner/boss, who called me. I got the job. On the last day of summer I finally get a job...the irony...

Morton Salt, a company that packages and sells salt, used this as it's slogan. As most of you know, humidity causes salt to clump. When the salt clumps it won't pour from the shaker. Morton claims that their special blend of salt won't clump when the humidity rises (though I can't imagine what they do to the salt to prevent clumping). My father is under the impression that Morton Salt created this expression, and a lot of people misinterpreted it to mean: "When things are bad, they're going to be as bad as possible." That doesn't really make much sense to me. I think this has been an expression long before Morton Salt used it, and the company realized that the slogan applies to their product, when interpreted differently.

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