Recently I mused that if life gives you lemons, then your brain needs to be made of sugar water in order to create lemonade from your own creativity. Case in point: I had a leftover bunch of PVC tubing and the like from a stupid free-standing closet a previous tenant in my house left behind. I wanted some speaker stands, but didn't want to spend $50. So I made some speaker stands out of this stuff. All was cool. But then while doing something else I heard a big bang and a crash...

I hated that coffee table anyway.

(The base of the stand had broken, sending the speaker down through the glass top of a really ugly coffee table which the same previous tenants had left behind, putting glass everywhere. Blah.)

While I was thinking I was so cool for having made the stands, I was thinking, "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade - my brain must be sweet." After the crash, I thought, "Yup, made of sugar, all right."


Oh well. I eventually got a pair of CD-holding towers at Target ($14.95 each) which are the perfect size for my surround speakers, and are good and sturdy, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, no less, so it all worked out for the better (especially since I finally had an excuse to get rid of that butt-ugly coffee table).

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