Part 7: When or Not, Make it Great

Smoke left my room, and I sat on the matress. I didn’t know what this meant. I left, going to the kitchen for a quick drink of water.

“ Hey,” Thomas rounded the corner to the door frame, scaring me. My heart leaped up into my neck, choking me.

“ Hey.”

He had changed into some drainpipe jeans and a satin blouse, still barefoot. He looked so different from any other boy I’d ever met, making it impossible to read him.

“ So are you staying here?” He grinned wryly.

“ Yeah, I suppose,” my hands were still shaking, “ Smoke didn’t say no but he didn’t say yes.”

“ Ok. Well, what d’you wanna do today? I’ve got nothing,” He played with his blouse’s cuff.

“ Dunno,” I said quickly, taking a sip of water.

“ Alright, come on,” He gestured towards the apartment’s front door. I was nervy walking past Smoke at the table. He was slumped, watching me like a fat boy looking at chocolate.

“ Wanna go to a film? A club? What’cha want?” Thomas half-dragged me out of the front door.

“ Uh, a film, I suppose.”

“ Thanks. I would've hated going to a oogly club. I only go to watch bands, and like Smoke,” He smiled, pulling black pumps on his bare feet. He was damn pretty, I forgot all about Smoke.

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