Something said when comparing to something equally unlikely to happen. A flying pig was featured in the Simpsons in the episode in which Lisa Simpson becomes a vegetarian.

C. M. Burns: "I'll make that donation... when pigs fly!! Ha ha"
(pig seen flying through the window in the background)
Smithers: "Will you be making that donation now, sir?"
C. M. Burns: "No, I think I'd still rather not."

When Pigs Fly is a musical which opened in 1996. With music by Dick Gallagher and lyrics and book by Mark Waldrop, it's a hilarious buffet of songs, dances, sketches and sight gags. The whole show gels with a gay sensibility that combines the outrageous with traditional musical theatre, featuring such standards as the torch song and the big finale on the same stage as velvet cow-print chaps.

The plot is a musical within a musical, a show about a madcap costume designer, Howard Crabtree, putting on a show to get back at his high school guidance counselor, Miss Roundhole. This is the show of his dreams, and while the audience watches, complications abound, brought on by his over-the-top vision. But the thin over-plot is not where your interest should linger as the meat of this show (tee hee!) is in the individual numbers. They are a dreamscape, and we never know what we might see next, from a grown up Annie Warbucks to a centaur with orientation problems!

Song List
· Prologue
· When Pigs Fly
· You've Got To Stay In The Game
· Torch Song #1 (Newt)
· Light In The Loafers
· Intro
· Quasimodo
· Lord Of The Fries
· Annie 3
· Torch Song #2 (Strom)
· Patriotic Finale, A
· Wear Your Vanity With Pride
· Hawaiian Wedding Song
· Cupid's Arrow
· Shaft Of Love
· Sam And Me
· Bigger Is Better
· Torch Song #3 (Rush)
· Laughing Matters
· Miss Roundhole Returns
· Over The Top / When Pigs Fly (Reprise)

Original Cast included: Jay Rogers, Stanley Bojarski, Keith Cromwell, John Treacy Egan, David Pevsner & Michael West

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