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Solly scanned the choices. None really jumped out at her but she kept going back to one of them.

"I think he's the one," it said.

With a resigned shrug, she pressed the button and the elevator moved. A few seconds later, the doors opened and she stepped out into her home.

A week later, sure enough, he was back. Did she want to make the first move? She wasn't sure. "Maybe I'll just see how this plays out," she thought.

That evening she was looking over the choices again. Reruns of choices she had taken before. "I think he's the one" was no longer there.

It wasn't a big deal. Stuff like that happened before. Just because it's not there one day, doesn't mean it won't be another.

"I think things are finally clicking into place." Another shrug, she pressed, and waited for her floor.

The week was a smooth one. Smoother than any in recent memory.

Still she came home alone, bag of groceries cradled in her arm.

"I don't think this can last."

That wasn't a good one. She knew it. But it sounded so true, so reasonable. She had to fight the urge. Force her finger away.

Something else. Anything else. "I think it's going to be warming up." Yes, that'll do. Not great, but good enough.

And of course it was not only warm, but a scorcher. Even the air conditioning at the coffee shop became an attraction.

"I think I'm ready for a miracle now."

That one caught her eye. It seemed different from the choices she'd seen up to that point. It was true though.

"What could go wrong?"

She made her selection and waited patiently to be taken to her floor.

The doors opened.

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