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You realize just how far you've come...I was never a holy roller by any means, but I once held many of the ideals of the Catholic church. Sex before marriage was bad. Drugs were bad. Drinking was bad. Swearing was bad. I see none of these things as morally wrong anymore, I see "good" and "bad" in terms of the way that you treat others, not in your possibly self-destructive actions...but this didn't seem to hold for me when nuns were giving me dirty looks for 5 little letters emblazoned across my chest.

A series of random incidents culminated here...One day I decided to take a cute little kitten from an old-lady iron-on transfer and put it on a little girl's t-shirt with "Pussy" above it. I wore it on Stop Day because I didn't have to go to work, and wasn't sure what my program director would think of it, and I didn't want to take my chances. The only thing I had to do was turn in a semester software engineering group project at 3:00 PM.

It's 3:15. The project is done, but we only have one copy of the final manual because our guy's printer broke down. We have to go to Kinko's to make another color copy, but his truck won't start either. The only option is for him to run to the Catholic church on the top of the hill (apparently, he's active with them) while I run and get my car and pick him up.

Running through the church looking for my partner, I smile at the nuns keeping the desk, one of them is talking to a child of about 10. They both smile, and then look at me funny. What the hell? I wonder what that look was for for a while, then I realize what my shirt says. Oops. I find my guy, we're both freaking out because we have to make 40 color copies, bind them, and we're already late. Then I realize that I'm cursing a blue streak. I'm like the lost sheep in here!

It was almost enough to turn me to a virtuous life. Well, not really. I did think about it...I mean, even if the things I do are not morally wrong, there are some advantages to living a life free from vice and drama. There must be. Thankfully, the moment quickly passed.

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