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And I'm more than happy to offer myself,
Do you want my presence
Or need my help?

Fall at your Feet - Crowded House

There is something not right. It's not in your words - you tell me that you are okay, that things are going well for you - as well as can be expected. You don't pretend that you are particularly happy, or try to feign bliss, (I suspect you don't trust your acting skills - or my lack of insight - quite that far) but you say you are content.

It isn't in your tone. That's consistent with the words you say, as far as I can tell.

It doesn't even seem to be in your body language - you sit straight, no hint of a sag in your shoulders, no attitude of defeat, although maybe there is a touch of tension, a feeling of your being a little too in control of how you move.

Maybe it's in the tiny hesitations.

Whatever it is, I have a sense that you are hiding from me, keeping something secret, and I don't know why. I'm not sure if it is me you are protecting, or yourself. I don't want to push at you and find that I am exposing something that is too raw to touch.

But … I'm here. If you feel able to let down the walls you have built and let someone in, then I'll be outside waiting. If there is any way I can help, anything I can do to ease the hurt that seems to hover just below the surface, you only have to tell me.

If you need a friend - you've got one. Okay?

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