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2018 Mar 6

15 minutes: A ghost in the confessional

It was just rumors at first.

The priest would usually be there, doing what was a typical day's work. Then there would be something that made him wonder just who was there. But nobody would ever report seeing anyone at the old cathedral. The voice wasn't particularly strange, nor was it the same every time. There wasn't anything particularly noteworthy at all about the encounters besides what was being said to the priests.

At first some wondered if there were people playing a joke on them, but due to the seriousness of some of the confessions, it was eventually ruled out. Not all the confessions were particularly serious though. Some were in fact rather lighthearted, and the different voices that spoke them betrayed that fact.

Nonetheless, the priests did as best they could given the circumstances, and took the confessions as if they were given by real heart-thumping people. The cathedral began to take on an eerie feel as the years passed. Eventually they were abandoned by their normal flock, yet the confessions kept coming. The priests continued to carry out what they believed to be their God-appointed duties, and continued to take the confessions as they'd always done, without thought as to whether the voice on the other end was a human or supernatural one.

Eventually the town itself became forgotten by time, but the priests still remained - the very same priests. They wondered if they had become ghosts as well, but it did not bother them. They were doing what they believed was right, and would continue as long as God allowed them to do so.

Human civilization eventually disappeared from their planet, but if you search really carefully, and if you are there when the stars correctly align, you may still see their cathedral before it fades into the fog again.

Perhaps it will still be there at Judgment Day, or perhaps it is now at the nexus of all realities, taking confessions from spirits throughout the multiverse, before they move on to wherever they were meant to go. This world too may disappear one day, and all that remains of it will be the architecture and a few scattered memories.

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