The riff to this amazing song is mind-numbingly simple to play, so if you're like me and want to show off your mad guitar skillz, you can play the riff and bass line simultaneously with some judicious use of your thumbs:

   E           C#m         G#          A

Use the thumb on your fretting hand to fret the bass notes on the E and A strings. I use a thumb pick on my other hand, and I use that to pluck the bass notes, while my index and middle fingers pick out the melody on the top strings. If you don't have a thumb pick handy, a bare thumb works in a pinch.

Is it just me, or is this song, coupled with the last scene of Fight Club one of the most truly romantic moments on film? The rest of that sentimental, contrived dreck we see these days pales in comparison to the few moments of perfection that this scene has. Sure, there have been a few moderately original, well executed romantic movies, and I'm certainly not calling the entire movie romantic, this last scene certainly is. I just see The Narrator and Marla sitting 92 stories up, watching as the Parker-Morris building crashes down, and something inside me says, "Man, what a thing to take a girl to go see."

Bah, nevermind...

sterling shuts up.

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