AND it was that they found themselves on the beach
  at night in the constant air and grasses walking
which as the deep blackgray far-off moisture clouds
  leaked into the deep blueblack star-scattered atmosphere
did sway in cool warning of changes in temperature and pressure

AND they did clasp their hands together in the darkness
  from far-away appearing to me as one small black spot
and did gaze and squint their eyes in the constant air
  with hair tufts switching as if in morse code tapping
did right then she look to his face and he to hers and

BUT their eyes were opened the air was stilled
hands dropped and backs turned, each
in the other's eyes had seen their own,
eyes seeing only reflection,
& already parted; they went

ONE the moon and the other the clouds, set infinitely apart,
centuries wherein their hungers were discovered, the least of which
was that in the far-off Black of space, (and they did arrive, far-off and separately,)
there is less green than would be expected; & their means became their ends
because they were left with nothing.

AND that in the star-scattered Black of space, you will one day
  find upon a dusty broken planet
with an atmosphere thick before its sun
  your broken self, laid upon your only soft rock,
your only remaining meal set across your lap

AND spoon-feeding you, the one you turned from
  so long ago that the sand is a memory of sunshine
lost at the edge of a beach giving way to the trees
  and the dirt path we used to run
along the surface of our planet, which is gone.

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