Whether it's the Republicans or the Democrats, I don't really care. Both are guilty. In this uhm, glorious land we call America, politics seems like another fucked up way to make yourself feel better.

I personally like Bush much more than Gore. However, being raised in a Republican household, I'm biased. I find Gore despicable, although I can't exactly write it out right now (He's lying. I can tell). George W. Bush has his faults, as well. I welcome commentary on the Republican party, as I'm having difficulty critiquing it.

The Democrats don't seem to care for the Constitution at all. They care about the children. Right. They seem to want to drive this country into socialism, and that I can't think for myself. Heaven forbid I make a decision on my own.

Being 16, I can't vote. I wouldn't vote Bush or Gore, however. I don't know who I'd vote for. Ralph Nader seems to be popular, however, with a name like the Green Party, I just know they'd rather force me to save the trees than give me a choice and a good reason. I find Libertarian philosophy agreeable; they'd definitely get my consideration.

Whatever happened to Freedom? Liberty? Justice? Drug laws, affirmative action, and gun control make a mockery of the values America was founded on. It's absurd. Fuck Big Government.

All I really know is that America is truly fucked up. It's time for a revolution.

Uh oh! They'll probably call me crazy and tell everyone I want to eat their children!

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