One of my favorite movies of all time. Starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. Story of 2 actors who go to help their old Army General and find romance along the way. Great music and great story line. Same general idea as Holiday Inn (the movie where the White Christmas first appeared), but with more umph.

Seven days of clear and sunny skies
December's wrath was bottled up in glass
before our childrens' visions came to pass
of cunningly constructed Christmas lies

to please their young and naive little eyes
With presents bought when fields were thick with grass
and queues were borne amongst the middle class
on backs made tense by thoughts of toddlers' cries

When all was purchased, wrapped and left pristine
we asked for little more than drifts of snow
to make complete our perfect winter scene
That sprung from hazy thoughts of long ago

Instead we yearn for lemonade to drink
With spring much closer than we'd thought to think

Thanks to demeter for the e2verse challenge.

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