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The White Eagle Tavern in Portland, Oregon is haunted. Ok, for non-believers in ghosts, strange things happen there, unexplained sounds, doors unlocking and locking, odd noises, and toilet paper flying through the air. Sounds like a typical Portland bar to me, but I decided to do some investigating.

The tavern opened in 1905 and served as both a tavern and a brothel. The upstairs, with it's thirteen rooms was the white brothel, and the basement was the location of the black and Chinese prostitutes. Being a typical whorehouse of it's time, a number of violent, premature deaths happened there.

The upstairs portion, which was closed off until recently, when it was renovated and opened for overnight stays, is reportedly haunted by at least two spirits. One is rumored to be the ghost of Rose, one of the prostitutes who was killed by a jealous lover. Her story is interesting and will be explored in a later node. The other is the ghost of Sam, who lived a solitary existence in the rooms until his death in 1955. His spirit is seen from the street below, staring out the window. Doors in the upstairs portion lock and unlock by themselves, according to the tavern's owner, and some clothes of Sam's left in the abandoned rooms move about by themselves.

The basement ghosts are unidentified as far as I could find, but they have manifested themselves by strange noises, unexplained voices, physical pushes and other unexplained phenomena.

Some of the oddest occurrences in the White Eagle are the toilet paper incidents. Something in the building likes to play with toilet paper. One tavern patron engaged in a playful tp tossing fight in the women's bathroom thinking her friend was in the next stall, only to find noone there. The owner says toilet paper rolls often unroll themselves into piles on the bathroom floors.

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