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The White Mountains are a mountain range found in eastern California and stretching into far western nevada. They are directly to the east of the Sierras in Inyo and Mono counties. These mountains contain the oldest living tree on earth, a Bristlecone Pine. For the most part, the mountain range is charactarized by pinon-juniper lands and sagebrush, with areas of bristlecone pine and small patches of aspen or riparian meadows. The tallest mountain in the range is White mountain at 14242 feet. This range can be seen from mammoth and bishop as well as much of the high Sierra. In the summer temperatures may drop below freezing and thunderstorms are also common. Winters are brutal and generally make the area inaccessable or undesirable to visit. the White Mountains are also home to the white mountain research station.

A mountain region in northern New Hampshire, part of the Appalachian Mountain Range and containing Mt. Washington, highest peak in the northeast US and site of the highest recorded windspeed ever, 231 mph in 1934. Mt. Washington is also the place where you can take the bus up and buy a bumper sticker that says This Car Climbed Mount Washington, and stick it on your car when you get back to the parking lot. Or you could actually drive up there, or even take your motorcycle, like my insane father did. They also sell bumper stickers saying This Bike Climbed Mount Washington.

The White Mountains are considered a very tourist-y area, with beautiful fall foliage, many ski resorts open for winter, and serene hiking trails and lakes in spring and summer.

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