"He can't be killed."

"Don't give me your excuses. You know your performance review is coming right?"

"I mean it. He can't be killed."

"Still trying to lower expectations? You already know what we want."

"Seriously, we've tried everything."

"Are you sure? Do I have to do everything myself? You're lucky I don't work field anymore."

"Well maybe you should drop out of management and come with us sometime."

"You talking back to me? You know I can kick you off to some podunk station at the drop of a hat."

"Honestly we've tried everything, starting with our standard snipers and working all the way up."

"Are your snipers blind?"

"They swear he took direct hits, but nothing happened. We even tried other rifles, checked and rechecked our scopes, and nothing changed. We moved on to poisons and radiation. Nothing worked."

"What about big ticket stuff?"

"Yes, we've tried even car bombs, yet somehow he still walks away. We're still trying to avoid the collateral damage from taking out a passenger plane though."

"Maybe you should stop being so squeamish."

"Are you going to tell me why he's so important to eliminate?"

"He's getting too close, making us look bad. We can't let him blow our entire operation."

"Where did this Kent guy come from anyway?"

"All I know is some small town in Kansas."

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