To be honest with you, I had never really given much thought as to who was Canadian and famous.  In fact, I didn't really give Canada itself much thought.  But so far this academic year, I have given Canada a lot of thought for a host of different reasons - though the most important one is love or lust.  (On further reflection I can say it is love, as my friends are getting sick of me talking about her; but you don't really care about that do you?)

Then recently I heard an old episode of This American Life, called "Who's Canadian?", which asked what the difference was between our two cultures.  Ira Glass also asked why does it seem that the Canadians among us, are at the center of our culture?  I have seen the previous question answered as, "Well, there has to be a good reason to move to America."

It is also interesting the way Americans feel sometimes, when they hear that someone that they assumed was American really is not.  As one of the producers of the show pointed out, it's like learning a close friend is gay, and having not known previously.  The question anyone in that situation asks themselves, is how could they have passed so close?  Ira's retort was, "Oh, so he's Canadian.  I guess that's why he never married."

So this is a metanode of sorts.  It has a listing of the people who I could think of that are famous in America and Canadian.  It also has a list of Everythingians who are Canadian.  The latter is much more difficult, since I put down those noders who I think are Canadians - so that list is much shorter.  If you are Canadian, or if you are not and I have pegged you as such /msg me and I'll add or subtract you.

Finally, this is a very incomplete list, so feel free to just add anyone you can think of.

Comedians and Actors

Film Directors and Writers Musicans or Bands People Who Didn't Fit Into a Good Grouping Canadian Everythingians

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