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A short skit Abbott and Costello performed. While it is fun to read, it is funnier to hear (which is why I'm not posting it - find it out on the 'net, and read/listen to it).

The premise is that one of them is listening to a baseball game, and the other joins him. Not knowing who is playing, the second person asks the first about the locations of various players. What he doesn't know is that the players have names such as 'Who', 'What', and other such words. This leads to conversations such as:
#2: Who's on first?
#1: Yes.
Which leads to a confusing, but memorable dialogue which they kept going for several minutes (ie, it wasn't a one line gag, and it is hilarious to actually listen to)

Who's on first? Hu's on first.

There will be Nomo confusion about this joke.

The sketch would make slightly more sense to readers if the Abbott lines spelled the players' names more like actual surnames. Hu's on first; Watt's on second; Idano's on third. Two of the outfielders, Juay and Becoz, are Hispanic; the pitcher and catcher, Tomoro and Tsudei, seem to be Japanese.

This joke was featured in the movie Rain Man starring Dustin Hoffman.

czeano says even better, now that Hu is the name of a leader of a major country....

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