Ra's the deity for me. After all, what's bigger than the Sun?

My god is big. He's visible. You can feel him on your skin when you go outside. His very presence is enough to give you burns, after too long a time. Without Ra, the entire world would grow cold and lifeless. When's the last time your physical well-being depended on your god?

"But," you say, "Your god is so distant! And he can't even be everywhere at once! He only looks at half of the planet at any given time!"

Of course Ra is distant. If the Sun were any closer, you'd all be dead, dig? And he could be everywhere, but if he looked at every inch of the Earth 24/7, all of the living things would be so overwhelmed by his awesome power that it would burn the very life out of them.

There is only one God!

He is the Sun God!

Ra Ra Ra!

Update: Ra is not pleased by your downvotes. See if you get any special treatment when the Revolution comes.

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