I learned a very important lesson about modesty when I was eight years old. I was in dance class, and we always performed at our town's local 4th of July celebration. I was in two routines with very little time in between them and no bathrooms near. So my mother (along with the mothers of all of the other girls in my class) takes me to the bottom of the stands where there is a short concrete wall between us and the people watching the show, strips me down out of one costume and into another. I was butt-ass naked in front of hundreds of people. Of course, I was eight so no one really cared, but at the time I was traumatized. Then it turned into desensitization.

Getting naked in gym class was a problem for me, until I starved myself down to 115 pounds (being 5'9", this was scrawny), then I ran around in my underwear just to show off how skinny I was. Ah, the priorities of 15.

My last shreds of modesty disappeared when I came to college. Living in a room with three other girls, you really don't care if they catch a glimpse of your naked ass once in a while. (However, you might mind catching a glimpse yourself if one of them has nasty back chunks and a chunky stomach that hangs over her too-tight jeans and likes to run around in a bra, but I digress). Then some friends and I went 'swimming' in the school's fountain that is in the center of a roundabout in nothing but our underwear, and not wanting to put dry clothes on wet bodies, we checked into our dorms dripping wet and mostly naked. *** And somehow, this all leads to winding up naked in one of the boy's scholarship halls bathrooms because well, it just made sense at the time...

Okay, so maybe a little bit of modesty is to be appreciated. But I don't care if you walk into the room suddenly and see my hot ass in my undies, because hey, under our clothes, we are all naked, and last time I checked, seeing a little bit of skin never hurt anybody.

*** A little addendum to this story, unrelated to modesty, needs to be added. During this nearly-naked dip in the university fountain, we saw a pizza boy on a run and invited him into the fountain with us. He told us that he couldn't because he was working. None of this would be of any consequence except for the hapless pizza delivery driver was none other than e2's very own enth. This was a year before we officially met, which means that our first contact was not as originally purported at a rave, but with me as a nearly naked nymph enticing him into a pool unspeakable pleasures.

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