Maybe they returned for practical reasons. Maybe the ozone layer was depleted, the rays from the sun became poisonous, and the only protection from such harsh conditions and temperature changes could be found by spending the majority of time under a protective layer of water.

And some part of me wonders if they saw the humans coming; if they opted out of the selfish destruction of the planet. Are the sea mammals smarter than us? They evolved onto land, then went back to the ocean. Does the use of fire make one more intelligent? Or could it be that the occupation of one’s space in the ecosystem is the wisest way to live.

I think I would like to return to the sea too. I want to be able to dive deep, to know the soul of the ocean. To be one with the maternal substance that spawned all of us. To run away from the nightmare we’re creating and to be protected by an infinite amount of water.

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