"Do I have an unhealthy obsession with coconuts?" I think about them all the time they just float around in my mind occasionally banging into eachother, making this neat, but really hollow little sound. Sometimes I think I'd like to drink solely from coconuts, coconuts with little umbrellas, but ones with special patterns that no one else has on their tiny coconut umbrellas.

Would you like to live by the sea with me, in a shack of sorts, drinking out of my leedle coconut?

It's multi-purpose, too, the coconut that is. Why just tonight I decided to collect all of my dreams in it so that I might share them with you all, you, the lovely noders, tomorrow, after I lift my head from the pillow and yawn sleepily. I wonder if coconut milk makes dreams soggy..

Ever since I saw the node title "I've frequently not been on boats", I find myself replacing it with "I've frequently not been a coconut." Really. I think this is mainly because I haven't been a coconut, not frequently, and I know so little about that dreamy.. fruit? What is a coconut any way? A melon of sorts maybe.. mm.. melon.. I like melons. Sometimes I even find coconuts alluring.. they seem to be almost sexual.. puzzling.

After this, could anyone argue with me that I quite possibly do have an unhealthy obsession with coconuts? Then again, it isn't affecting my health.. so.. it's okay to say, "I love you little coconuts, each and every one of you, you dreamy fruit-melons!"

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