There are various apparent mysteries of female cosmetics. One of the more obscure is why women dye their hair blonde.

The reason for this is fairly obvious and it involves Youth. From a biological perspective youth is a highly desirable property and, since many women's hair grow darker as they get older, lightening your hair increases your desirability.

Of course, this could all be subconscious and tied up in your genes but it's all from the same motive that makes women pluck their eyebrows and remove body hair and generally make them look like they're fresh through puberty.

Another theory is that it's easier for a man to tell whether a blonde is healthy or anemic than with a brunette. And since all men want to maximize the chances that their offspring will survive, they want a healthy woman.

Hence, the reason why brunettes dye their hair blonde is that their natural higher skin pigmentation they trick men into thinking they are healthy, no matter whether that is true or not.

After having the incomplete logic pointed out by mimewars I haste to add that this reaction from the male would not have anything to do with whether he wanted children or not, but rather something more of an instinct.

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