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If I were a pompous biologist I could change my system password to a fragment of protein sequence from a cell surface receptor peculiar to me. Although this sounds the stuff of bad sci-fi (seen GATTACA?) it would have the advantage of not being easily guessable. Ironically, a wily fellow scientist couldn't use evolutionary programming to determine the password. The problem lies not with the format of the message, but with the feedback from the security system.

To evolve a string you have to be able to make changes and have those changes evaluated. Unfortunately an 'Enter your Password' textbox gives only Yes/No evaluation to guesses. This is just as well, since any more information ("getting warmer" for example) would only help crackers. Enough trials and the errors will win.

The point is that protein sequence is interpreted entirely differently from words or code and should not be confused with either. A protein can be 50% correct wheras a password can only be 100% right or 100% wrong.

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