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One of the coolest (if not the coolest) place to be in Edmonton.

It is located east of the University of Alberta and south of the river valley. Technically it is 82nd Avenue, but nobody ever remembers it by its number.

Whyte Avenue is home to many of Edmonton's better shops and stores (especially artsy places, import and antique shops, used book stores and comic book stores) though in later years has become infested with utter crap (like the Gap and the proposed multiplex cinema).

Cool Places on Whyte

  • Alhambra Books
  • Earth's General Store (eco-liberation-y stuff)
  • Great Northern Hemp Co. (hemp paraphernalia)
  • Hexed (clothing, music)
  • Sonix (music)
  • Whyte Knight (comics, etc.)
  • Warp (comics, etc.)
  • Sanctuary (clothing, magick accessories)

Note: the two places listed last are not actually on Whyte Avenue, but are so close that it doesn't make much of a difference.

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