One day I set about trying to find a definition for some mathematical term or another, and naturally I turned toward that great tool of knowledge and understanding, Wikipedia, having always in the past had great success expanding the limits of my cognition.

About halfway into the first paragraph it became clear I was merely parsing the tokens phonetically, gleaning no deeper understanding of the term I was researching. I tried again a couple of times, going more slowly, but alas I had clearly bitten off more than I could chew - right enough, mathematics is a difficult subject and much of it relies on that which is defined elsewhere. Luckily the first word I was having real problems with was a hyperlink, so I middle-clicked (hooray for Firefox) and brought up a new tab to quickly augment my basic understanding such that I could progress with my original enquiry.

Unfortunately it wasn't to be. This definition, whilst looking more accessible (there was a nice colorful picture of some circles near the top) was twice as long as the first, and it too was laced with incomprehensibles. Strangely, the words seemed like English, but they weren't behaving themselves at all. I once knew a kid who claimed to have found a ring in a field (actually it was his mother's wedding ring, and he got grounded for weeks) but none of this wikimaths was making any sense at all. I clicked on "field"...

An hour later my browser crashed, but as I saw my desktop wallpaper redraw itself line by line over the last page I had been looking at (Wikipedia's definition of "number") I suddenly felt a little strange. Like the opposite of tunnel vision I was suddenly aware of all the activity around me, and was overcome with an incredible feeling of calm... I could sense some change was coming, and like a tidal wave in the distance, huge and impossible, I felt a rift in my consciousness develop. And as a storm of synapses fired across my brain, a glorious crystal realisation formed within me, and I saw my soul in its true form and I high-fived God, and I maybe, just maybe, soiled myself a little.

And this is what I realised:

That mathematics on Wikipedia is best understood as a tensor dipole, especially when projected onto a quarternion hyperframe. In general terms it is a special case of the set of cubic displacement models, characterised by its low frequency selection dynamics and zero-square suggestion profile. Of course this makes it particularly interesting to experts in the field of manual limit capture, because, expressed as a complex function, it has eigenvalue synchronicity with Smith's Orbital Attractor.

On a more technical note, the trigraph looks almost like it might decompose to a Euler sphere and there are some that actually treat it as an (unconfirmed) nebular identity. In my opinion it is dangerous however, to rely too heavily on this, as there is a strong case for Cantor's octogram proof conflicting with the late-stage indecision matrices that such an expansion would almost certainly produce. Alas, it would seem that until someone actually proves the relationship between the zero-square cubics and Euler's homogenous antipolygonal radial limits (and thus the decompositions thereof), no one is willing to risk their reputation by attacking this unclaimed parabole. Time will tell.

For reference here is the first sequence of joins from my own quartic analysis of the i-limited system:

	1st	2nd	3rd	4th	5th		6th
	x	2x	9	4y-3x	undefined*	4dy - (6^e)dx

*The quartic intersection for i-limit systems is undefined in 2-manifold hyperframes.

If anyone has difficulty following my logic, they are welcome to msg me for an explanation.

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