After I wrote this poem, I Googled "Cader Idris" to make certain I had spelled it correctly, there I discovered an old Welsh legend that says "if you climb to the top of the Cader Idris and spend the night, when you awaken in the morning you will either be mad or a poet." This high mountain in Northern Wales is also believed by some to be the original seat of Camelot.

Without further ado I give you:

Wild Dark Love Song

Her man,
A wild dark love song.
Borne deep within her gypsy soul.
He’s gone to live in jagged mountains,
Where salmon jump and sing,
In tarns
High above
The cloud lines
Beyond the silver moon.
In the shadow of the Cader Idris
In misty mountains,
Where meadowlarks are known to wing,
And wild geese fly,
Across the winter sky.
He’s gone to live in snow capped mountains
Where frozen voices echo,
Across the frosty fields,
Across the icy meadow,
Languidly, across the frigid lea,
Then back again.
He’s gone from her forever.
This wild dark love song,
Her man

For Richard Sylbert

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