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The Wilkinson building is located in the University of Sydney Darlington Campus and houses the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning. It is arguably the most hideous building on campus, coming second only to the Transient Building, which was probably built around World War 2 when only tin sheets and breadcrumbs were available as building materials. You’d think that the Faculty of Architecture would have one of the best looking buildings on campus (possibly even sandstone)? Unfortunately not. Some people may be fans of Brutalist architecture but most students find the generic and aged concrete exterior pretty depressing, especially if they’re stuck in the building for most of the year (i.e. first year Design Computing students).

Despite its drab exterior, the building actually has some excellent facilities. In the Hearth there is a café, some couches and tables and chairs. The building has many high-tech laboratories for sound and illumination design, and digital effects. The Architecture studios and computer labs take up most of the first and second levels, along with the three lecture theatres. On level three is a computer lab, a kitchen area with a microwave and a little ‘social area’ consisting of four chairs and a table. Wilkinson also contains art, woodwork, metal, ceramic and sound studios, along with an art gallery at the City Road entrance.

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