An up-and-coming rock and roll band from Nashville, TN, often touring with Jump, Little Children. Band members are Will Hoge (guitar and vocals), Brian Layson (lead guitar), Tres Sasser (bass) and Kirk Yoquelet (drums). Dan Baird of the band Georgia Satelite ("Don't Give Me Know Lines and Keep Your Hands to Yourself") is a former member

Claiming their mission is to resurrect good, old-fashioned rock and roll, Will Hoge gives their all at every show, hoping to draw the audience in, and are most always successful. The only drawback to Will Hoge's goal are the member's fresh good-looks and killer smiles, attracting throngs of teenage girls hoping to swoon at the stage when the musicians just want to rock the crowd.

Despite this hinderence, Will Hoge is steadily gaining a strong fanbase and their popularity is growing. Their song "Wish" has become a highly-requested song on several southern radio stations, and in September Will Hoge signed with Atlantic Records, and will begin working at the beginning of 2002 on their Atlantic debut album.

These guys try their hardest to make the best music possible and are finally beginning to get the attention they deserve. And with ticket and cd prices rarely ever topping $10, you can't lose by checking them out.

info obtained from and personal experience

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