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Carries Interstate 44 through Oklahoma from the Missouri border to the outskirts of Tulsa.

Some people would consider its most distinctive feature to be the so-called "World's Largest McDonald's," which sits above the highway near Vinita.

However, the actual most distinctive feature is the toll payment system, in which there is one mainline toll plaza at about the midpoint of the road in addition to booths at every entrance and exit.

Drivers entering the turnpike at a point other than the beginning of the road collect a ticket, which they present at the midpoint toll plaza to show the entry point and pay a lower toll than people without a ticket, who pay full price.

Everyone gets a receipt at the midpoint toll plaza, unlike on other toll roads where you have to ask for it. Then, drivers who exit the turnpike at a point other than the end of the road present the receipt and get paid a refund.

Drivers who enter and exit at points where they don't pass through the midpoint toll plaza will pay at their exit if they're not past the toll plaza yet, and will pay at their entrance and get a refund at their exit if they are past the toll plaza.

It sounds complicated, but it means the majority of the traffic, which is traveling the entire length, only has to make one stop, thus speeding up their trip through the Sooner State.

Also located along the Will Rogers Turnpike are a couple of Phillips 66 gas station/convenience stores which are happy to let you use their fairly clean restrooms even if you're not buying anything, as required by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

In 1995, several of the overhead big green signs along the turnpike proclaimed the route to be U.S. 66 in addition to Interstate 44. By early 1999, they had realized that Route 66 didn't technically exist anymore and had taken the old route shields off the overhead signs, but the empty green space remained as a reminder.

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