Yep, I was so bored that I looked up what was in a urinal cake. It turns out that a urinal cake is mostly paradichlorobenzene. I also learned that the LD50 for paradichlorobenzene is 500 mg/kg when given orally to rats.

So I got to wondering if I could realistically eat a urinal cake and expect to survive. Let's for a moment assume that the LD50 is the same in humans.

So your average urinal cake weighs about three ounces......

3 oz. = 85.0486 grams or 85048.6 milligrams

Now lets figure me out....

170 pounds = 77.1107 kilos

So that works out to about 1102.94 mg/kg which would probably kill me pretty fucking dead.

However by looking at this I'm guessing that I could expect to live after eating one quarter of a urinal cake, perhaps even half of one.

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