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This is a literal translation of the Japanese word fuurin. In American (or even English) we call these wind chimes. According to Webster this term first appeared in 1927.

A windbell is a cluster or ring of small, often sculptured resonators (usually metal, maybe glass or bamboo) that is suspended around the home with a pendulum or knocker attached to a wind catcher (a feather, a small, flat sheet or strip of metal or paper) in the center.

The function of the windbell is not only to provide a relaxing or uplifting soundtrack to a breezy day, but for the psychological effect that the chimes cause on a mushiatsui (muggy, sultry) day. The blend of low and high frequency tones sound "cool", and remind you of the breeze (even in the stuffy insides of your house). That's the Japanese perspective on the subject.

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