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What happened? to 9

Okay, we've gone through Microsoft's Windows 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, until the jump to "Start me up!' 95. And then 98, and (bbbbaaaddd) Me, and, very good XP for almost forever; and beautiful albeit clunky Vista.  Ah, Windows 7, we've got something going now. 

Huh?  No start button and with big tiles and...  That was Windows 8, and then 8.1, kinda too late.

Damn Skippy

Introduced back in 2014, future Windows X,  suddenly Windows 10, not 9.  I tried the Previews which has a start button again (and tiles). I was the tester complaining, "Hey, make it so we can turn live tiles off, for crying out loud!"

The Internet will finally be Broken!

Fast Forward to now.  July 29th, the free upgrade to those who had Windows 7 or 8, 8.1 was available as a download

24 hours, 14 million got theirs, seriously worrying Dan Rayburn, executive VP of Streaming Media. But, though the internet got laggy, it didn't implode. Wah! My wife's computer was invited for the upgrade in place, but not my other computers, I had to use the usb flashdrive version to upgrade them.

Many worried about the WiFi sharing, but, one has to allow folks access. (This feature bypasses passwords.)

It's Alive!

Cortana will speak to you, and it will let you input quests (that go to your PC or the web) by microphone.  The new browser, Edge, replacing IE, is fast. But, Mozilla's CEO Chris Beard complained about its making it difficult to change defaults.


It's quick and secure: I like it.


For Brevity Quest 2015


There was a substantial update with a build 1511 in mid 2015.

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