This version of Microsoft's popular operating system Windows 2000 is optimised for provocative anti-art cultural agitation and political acts of incoherence. Microsoft's marketing aims this product squarely at cost sensitive managers of Dadacenters in large enterprises, who need to rapidly deploy armies of papier-maché traffic wardens without incurring intolerable support costs.

Some of Windows 2000 Dadacenter Server's key features include:

That list of features is impressive enough, but Microsoft are quite explicit as to the benefits which will accrue should you choose this product to run your Dadacenter:

  • Windows 2000 Dadacenter Server is the moustache on your CTO's girlfriend
  • Windows 2000 Dadacenter Server will CRUSH your friends and DELIGHT your enemies
  • Windows 2000 Dadacenter Server forces you to dream only of marzipan
  • All day long Windows 2000 Dadacenter Server furrows its brows and bites its fingernails
  • Your duty is to buy Windows 2000 Dadacenter. Our duty is to prevent you at all costs
  • Windows 2000 Dadacenter does not exist: how then can we sell it so cheap? We are cutting our own throats with blotting paper!

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