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Windows 95 has some useful log files. Most folks do not know about their existance, but they can help troubleshoot a system.

  • Boot Log
    A BOOTLOG.TXT file is generated during the first boot sequence following a successful startup. This file records all the drivers and devices loaded by the system. The BOOTLOG.TXT file is useful for troubleshooting driver load failures, missing drivers, or driver/device initialization failures.

  • Hardware Detection Log
    There are two associated files with this log.
      The DETLOG.TXT records whether or not specific devices were detected and records the parameters for each device.
      This is not a readable ASCII file. It is used by Windows to track hardware detection errors. When a detection process crashes the bootup, a fail code is added to the DETCRASH.LOG. The next time setup is run, the system will skip the step that crashed the hardware detection process. Once a successful detection process is completed, the DETCRASH.LOG is deleted.

  • Setup Log
    The SETUPLOG.TXT is created when the Windows Setup routine is run. It documents all of the successes and failures encountered during the setup process. If Windows crashes during the setup process, the next time Setup is run it will skip the step that caused the failure.

  • Network Log
    The NETLOG.TXT documents the successes and failures of the networking component detection and installation.
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