Just horrible.

When starting a service in NT, a "progress indicator" appears, except this one's a little bit diff'rent than what you're used to.

Oh yes, Micros~1 here decides to abandon the widely accepted notion of linear time in favour of a cycle. This indicator is not a line, it's a clock. This clock has no numbers. This clock has one hand. That hand spins around and around until the service has started.

I mean, they're asking for ridicule.

First of all, this "indicator" clearly shows that your fluffy MS OS actually has no fucking idea when it's going to be done.. the clock means nothing, it just keeps your eyeballs active so you don't fall asleep while you're waiting for the god damn thing to finish.

Second of all, while starting Exchange yesterday, the system halted but the clock kept on going! I mean, Micro$oft's little indicator was literally just ticking on and on, forever.

..and it's so condescending too.

see also: Microsoft time

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