I guess the only thing to say is how well it works, and what better way than to demonstrate. I will talk, it will type. Observe:

Typed Version: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

XP Voice Recognition Version: the quick brown fox jumped over the wheezy doll.

Close, but not a complete match. Trial 2, a little tougher....

TV: She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

XPVR: she sells seashells by the seashore.

Not bad! Not bad at all, now for trial three. Real email.

TV: Dear Sally, I miss you. How are you feeling? I know you've been under the weather lately, so I thought I'd check up on you. If you would like me to bring you some chicken soup for dinner, just call. Oh yes, mother says you need to feed your yak when you get better and to take care of the crazed weasel infestation. If you recieve this message in 3 minutes, Afghanistan will blow up. And you will self destruct. Because I said so. Bye, Tony.

P.S. - I miss your crazy antics with tornado drills and what not, perhaps I can accompany you to the Esquilax ball tomorrow evening at the solstice gallery. Maybe the Aurora Borealis will be visible.

XPVR: a few salary I miss you. how are you feeling? I know even under the weather lately, so if I check up on you. if you'd like me to bring you some chicken soup for dinner just call. Polly S. mother says he needs the Uri Acton you get better and to take care of increased weasel infestation. if you receive this message in three minutes Afghanistan will allow the. end you will self destruct. because I said so. dry coming.

he as - I miss you're crazy intakes with tornadoes rules and what not. Perhaps and on any TV as lacks Baltimore evening at the solstice gallery . The media war memorial us will be visible.

Ok, well, you can see it needs some work. I've done about half of the training programs, but overall I'd say it does a decent job (about 75% accurate, passing in public schools...). Try it yourself, it's very amusing.

I feel I need to clarify a point I never made :)

The speech recognition software is NOT included in Win XP, but comes with Windows XP Plus! (the software package that has desktop themes and games etc). The control file is MpSpeak. My apologies to those who thought I meant it came with the OS.

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