Stipulating that an individual who is economically successful is a "winner," it is not unreasonable to claim that winners don't do drugs, they just sell them. The Black Market is an inevitable human institution, as, for one reason or another, there are almost always products that the dominant regime feels compelled to outlaw or restrict. Demand for such materials/devices/services does not simply go away because the government has legislated against them, and there are always profit-minded individuals willing to accept the risk involved in dealing with contraband.

Drugs are currently the targets of such legislation, and a large number of individuals and organizations are extracting huge profits from their sale. Other than the obvious danger presented by law enforcement officials, the most prevalent danger to drug dealers is personal drug use. Many dealers enter the business in order to support their own habit. As a result the enterprise is geared toward hustling for their next fix rather than maximizing profits and minimizing risk, and often they manage to accomplish exactly the opposite through willingness to deal with untrusted individuals.

"Winners," therefore, are quite likely to sell drugs due to the tremendous obtainable profit margins, but are unlikely to use drugs often, if at all, in order to avoid prosecution for their business practices. When one practices unlawful activities, a certain level of paranoia is justifiable. Note: The word "drugs" in the writeup above applies primarily to "hard" drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.
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