The wonders of distortion never cease. One can blur reality, emotion, the physical and psychic planes into some magic gumbo of the senses, merely by allowing some organic decay to wrap itself around a world of sound. Those who provide clear definitions between each sensory type probably haven't experienced the swooning bliss of highly-manipulated sensory chaos, which provides smells that sound like tastes, and sights that feel like thoughts, long-since past memories and unwalked corridors of forgotten devotions.

Worlds come and go when sound will never be the same. You wear them on your heads while waiting for the train. A private world inside your mind, without the hassles or concerns for that matter you once thought of as time— you've moved beyond, moved past, and kept on keeping on like a bird that flew. Purposefully making yourself tangled up in blue, but the tangles have never felt so warm, so close, as if there was a message written on every hair. These thoughts, you once held close to, a clear-defined picture of the world that was painted-by-number by some large, hulking figure in the sky with a penchant for merchants and devotion. What he never planned ahead for was that strange creature, not the one made in his image, but the one that those he created shaped themselves— into their own distorted version of him.

Yes, folks, I'm talking about jazz, (a love supreme, a love supreme). And you can never get enough. It lives deep inside your bones and expresses itself in ways that are perpetually surprising, exciting, and enlightening. In ways that are beyond the primary concerns of sound texture, structure, and the long, squelching blow. Jazz is all over the place, and it's more than just music, has become more than just what various categorical sublimations have divied it up into. Jazz is alive and well today, whether listening to the past masters or the newer merchants in the trade.

Do Make Say Think has made another album, and I hope it opens in you the flurry of thoughts, emotions, far-off places, and magic-psychedelic feelings it has instilled in me. Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn will be released on October 6, 2003 on compact disc and a special 3-sided vinyl edition, on Constellation Records.

Do Make Say Think are from Toronto, Canada. It consists of Charles Spearin on bass and trumpet. Justin Small on guitar. James Payment on drums. Also Dave Mitchell on drums. James MacKenzie also plays drums, as well as keyboards. Ohad Benchetrit masters keyboards, horns, and guitar. If you can't wait for this piece of magic, may I recommend & yet & yet?


  1. Fredericia 09:37
  2. War on Want 01:55
  3. Auberge Le Mouton Noir 07:04
  4. Outer Inner & Secret 10:13
  5. 107 Reasons Why 03:01
  6. Ontario Plates 07:02
  7. Horns of a Rabbit 04:01
  8. It's Gonna Rain 02:09
  9. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! 06:57

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