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The third track on Belle and Sebastian's Legal Man EP. Although you can hear Stuart David's spoken voice on A Space Boy Dream and A Century of Elvis, as far as I know this is the only track released by Belle and Sebastian which actually has him singing (Paper Boat, another Stuart David song recorded with Belle and Sebastian, remains unreleased although it is quite easy to find on MP3). Whether speaking or singing, Stuart David's voice has a lovely sort of laid back, drawling quality to it. Soon after this was recorded, he left Belle and Sebastian to concentrate on Looper.

The song is about sitting in a warm house falling for a girl outside in the snow, and the music reflects this with a sort of comfy-but-wintery feel and a trudging-through-snow kind of bounce to it. The lyrics begin something like this...

Who's that girl?
She must be nearly freezing.
Who's that girl out there?
All that snow makes it hard so see her...
Did she wave to me?

Maybe I'm in love
Love love, love love
Maybe that's enough
That stuff, that stuff?

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