It's an environmental quest! Node all things Earth-friendly, from organic granola to solar powered servers. Node your favorite charity, technology, species, recipe, or practice. Tell us how to save the whales, build a log cabin, or design an arcology. The possibilities are endless!

The entire month of December. Any nodes not brought to Terranova's attention by January first will be well loved and respected, but will not be added to the quest.

Here, you doofus.

Start off by making a writeup. If you are stuck for ideas, Terranova has a list of things that need noding on eir homenode. (If you have too many ideas, you can /msg Terranova, and e will add your nodeshells to eir list.) There is no minimum length requirement. There is no ideological requirement, other than you being pro-Earth; you can disagree with Al Gore, James Lovelock, and even the entire human race. Transhumanists, hippies, and ecologically-minded evil geniuses are all welcome.

The next step is to /msg Terranova with a link to your writeups. Your writeups will be linked here, and good things will happen to you. These good things include votes, C!s, the respect of your peers, and occasional blessings.

Writeups thusfar:

Now go node!

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