With difficulty, Donna Dray
Went missing from her life one day,
Vanishing while on her way
To work, went Ms. Donna Dray.

No sign was found of Donna Dray,
(Much to her family's dismay -
When the news asked what they'd want to say,
There were only tears from Mr. Dray)

But the truth is that Ms. Donna Dray
Turned up in New Orleans one day.
When asked why she left she was heard to say
She was tired of living as Ms. Dray.

"Because if anything about Ms. Donna Dray
"Seemed amiss," she was known to say,
"She was forced to make it just go away, 
"And that's not healthy," said Donna Dray.

And she's still in New Orleans today,
Trying to live in some new way
And shaking her head at those who say
"Hey, I know you - you're Donna Dray!"

"No, I'm not," says Donna Dray,
"At least, that is, not for today,
"As for tomorrow, who can say
"Who I'll be?" says Donna Dray. 

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