These are perhaps the greatest words ever to come out of the typewriter of Stan Lee. The original appearance of these words was at the end of the origin of Spider-Man. When Peter Parker first aquires his mutant spider powers, he uses them selfishly, to compete masked in a wrestling ring and make a lot of money. Because of his self-centeredness, he didn't think to stop a common criminal from robbing the sports center as he left with his winnings. Soon after that, Parker's uncle was murdered by the same common thief.

He exacted revenge, and Spider-Man was born, but the knowledge that he could have stopped that crook before he took Uncle Ben's life, that realization changed him. He realized that with great power comes great responsibility.

When people ask me what makes comic books so special, or say they're kiddie things and have no mature value, this is usually my response. Such a noble and thought-provoking sentiment coming from some kiddie pulp comic? Whoodathunkit?

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