My pals and I were out at club, grooving to the latest and greatest when Mother Nature said it was time to take a moment. Of course, the club hides the restrooms. I found them somewhere between dance floors, and when I emerged I was utterly lost. I stuck my head into a random room and was intoxicated by the retro vibes. The crowd was way into it and I decided to stay and soak it up. Nothing was autotuned and it all just felt so...real. I lost myself in the music for a while. I like to dance with my eyes closed and I am OK with being checked out, but I sensed someone in my personal space and...Wham! There was a refugee from another millennium. My instinct was to pull a Usain Bolt, but I was curious. It was like the 80s had been distilled into a single person, with 30 years to perfect the dance moves. I thought why not play along? Like doing that wedding chicken dance. I followed the cues and it was a lot of fun for a few minutes, but then I started to feel skeevy. I was developing my exit strategy when another old fogie wedding song started. A surge of sweaty gen-X bodies sprung me loose from my devoted avatar of the stone ages. I did the funny ZZ Top wave that my Dad taught me, and then I sprinted for the door.

For Truly Madly Deeply Fallen Quest posted late due to unforeseen circumstances.

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