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Name said to be derived from Wode (a storm giant) or the Germanic term for 'fury'. An ancient wild god of the forces of nature and death. Had two forms a benign life giving one and a dark life taking one, though these were but two sides of the same coin. Said to be 'Lord of the Wild Hunt', which rode through the winter skies.

Also a god channeled by Northern Shaman, whose aspects he took on as lord of wisdom, magick and craft.

Rose to prominence and merged with the ancient Indo-European Sky God, known as the All Father, completing this unique archetype

Developed further by the Vikings as Odin
Woden is a suburb situated in a valley of Canberra, the capital of Australia. First developed in the 1950s. Famous for housing the headquarters of several Australian federal public service organisations, including the Department of Health and Aged Care, Department of Veterans Affairs, Centrelink, Investment Property (IP) Australia and ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission). Also contains a large shopping centre, housing estates and some pokie clubs.

Actually it is not famous for those things; those are the only noteworthy features of the place that comes to mind. How it got named after a Storm Giant beats me, but the Vikings also named Greenland. Drive on.

Wo"den (?), n. [AS. Woden; akin to OS. Wodan, OHG. Wuotan, Icel. O[eth]inn, and probably to E. wood, a. Cf. Wednesday.] Northern Myth.

A deity corresponding to Odin, the supreme deity of the Scandinavians. Wednesday is named for him. See Odin.


© Webster 1913.

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