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Wolf Eyes is an electronic music group from Ann Arbor, Michigan consisting of Nate Young, Aaron Diloway, and John Olson.

Instead of twiddling knobs and relying on mathematical algorithms to generate all of their sounds, the group plays guitars, horns, saxaphones, and one strange beast of an instrument that looks like the unholy spawn of a clarinet and a tuba. They mic themselves and digitize their sound on the fly, then distort and mix it. The group also has some sort of drum machine playing strange syncopated beats that they completely disregard in pursuit of disarrayed cacophony. The whole electronic setup is hacked up and duct taped on what looks like a dj's coffin case.

Wolf Eyes recently played on the Oops! Tour with The Locust, Orthrelm, Arab on Radar, and Lightning Bolt. While they didn't generate as much crowd enthusiasm as the rest of the groups, Wolf Eyes got the audience on their feet and thrashing a bit.

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