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A German based manufacturer of mainly ladies garments this company originally started as a subdivision of "Vorarlberger Wirkwarenfabrik Gebrüder Wolff" in the business of making stockings in 1946. In 1949 they spun off to a separate company trading under the name of Strumpffabrik Gebr. Wolff.

The Wolford brand has expanded from stockings to include some rather innovative uses of material in all kinds of undergarments and clothing for both men and women.

Perhaps, though, what they are still loved for is what they started off with. As one friend of mine once put it 'Stay-ups that actually stay up is quite a novel idea, but I like it'

Historical info taken from the Wolford Web site, currently at www.wolford.com. Sweaty palms gained from looking at pictures on said site are all my own work.

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