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The hottest trends in accessories change constantly, and it can be hard to know what to wear and what not to wear. Here are a few top tips on what is in style now.

There are many current trends of 2012 for women. Here are some of the recent accessory trends.

Name Necklaces for Women
Women who feel like everyone should know their name are in luck. Name necklaces for women are back in style, and they are one of the fashion trends of 2012. How to make one necklace stand out from the rest: Bigger is not always better. Choose a simple design and make it either silver or gold in color.

The Color Royal Blue
This one is for both ladies and gentlemen who are looking into latest accessories trends. One of the latest colors is the calming royal blue. Why? Well, blue is the favorite color of many people, and it is a popular trend in accessories and fashion right now.

Unique Floral Prints
Those who have handbags with exciting floral prints will be happy to know that these are back in style. Make sure the print is calming and does not overwhelm the bag itself; it should blend into the bag and look natural. Dig out a floral handbag and wear it to work today to stay with this current trend.

Clutch Purses
Those who are in need of something bigger than a wallet but not in need of an entire purse are in luck. Clutch purses are back in style, and they are better than ever before. These are a great, affordable way to accessorize an outfit.

Earrings are a great, easy way to accessorize an outfit. Make sure the earrings are not too long and will not catch on things. Ideally, it is best to have a few different pairs to alternate.

There are many current trends of 2012. Women do not need to worry about wearing everything, but should rather wear what they feel comfortable with.

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